Student Spotlight : May 2021


We would like to congratulate our grade 11 student Alexandra Moore on successfully passing the  Avogadro exam (University of Waterloo),  placing top 200 chemistry students in Canada and 3rd in Vaughan!

In addition to her excellent studies, Alexandra majors in the Dance division and is a remarkably talented dancer. 

A big thank you to our science teacher Roman Korol who encouraged Alexandra to participate. What an incredible achievement, Arts and Science Academy of Canada is incredibly proud!

Keep up the great work in your studies. 

A bit about our science teacher

Roman Korol is a graduate student of CalTech University in Theoretical Chemistry and a member of the Miller group at Caltech University. Roman has also completed his Undergrad in Chemistry at the University of Toronto, Canada.  Currently, Roman is a well-respected teacher at the Arts and Science Academy of Canada. 

What is the Avogadro Exam? 

The Avogadro Exam is designed for high school students who have completed or are nearing completion of, their first high school chemistry course. The exam consists of 40-multiple-choice questions under the general headings of Structure of Matter, Bonding, Reactions, Solutions, and Gases.

This is an international exam with participants from across Canada, the United States and around the world.  Recognition is given to the top performers. 

Arts and Science Academy of Canada is now enrolling students for the 2021/2022 school year. Request your brochure by emailing us at 

Alexandra Moore, Grade 11 Student
Alexandra Moore majors in the Dance Division

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