Mathematics Competition: June 2021!


We are proud to announce that Arts and Science Academy of Canada has recently participated in the Math League Contest, a highly recognized international mathematical competition for grades  4, 5, and all grades in algebra.  

Arts and Science Academy of Canada was graded the rank #35 out of 366 participating schools. It is worth noting that many schools were represented only by their best math students, whereas all ASAC students were given the opportunity to participate regardless of their anticipated results.
Congratulations to our brave students! We are very proud! 
Our student, Mark Aloian, was ranked #1 and Talia Prikhoji was ranked #206 out of 398 top participants. Remember, even the last place in this competition is a huge achievement. 
In the Algebra contest, Arts and Science Academy of Canada was ranked #42 Schools out of 156 participating schools. Out of the top 398 students, our student, Elizaveta Verzunova was assigned the rank #90, and Alexandra Moore of our high school was ranked #276.
All other students needed just a few additional points to get on the list of top participants. We believe that they will be able to make the top participants list in future years if they keep up their studies. 
All of this would not be possible if it wasn’t for the constant efforts and dedication of our dear teachers! We would like to express our gratitude and congratulate Mrs Svetlana Untershats (Mathematics teacher)  for her hard work, and for encouraging our students to take part in and succeed in highly recognized math competition. 

Arts and Science Academy of Canada is now enrolling students for the 2021/2022 school year. Request your brochure by emailing us at 

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