FAQ's about ASAC

Does ASAC only focus on arts education? 
No, Arts and Science Academy of Canada’s main priority is our strong academic program. For the majority of the day, students are busy with their academic program with subjects like math, french, English, science, social studies, and more. Our arts divisions take up only about an extra 1.5 hours per day, where kid are fully focused on dance, visual arts, vocal, or music. 
Is ASAC registered with the Ministry of Education of Ontario? Does the school have the right to give our credits and an OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma)? 
Yes, ASAC is registered with the Ministry of Education of Ontario under No. 667420. Upon graduating ASAC students receive an OSSD with all necessary credits to graduate high school. Students may then choose to apply to universities or colleges in Canada and worldwide. 
How do you apply to ASAC? How will I know if the academy is a good fit for my child? 
We welcome new students to apply for admission through an in-person assessment and audition process. It is equally important for us to understand if we are a good fit for your child’s education, as well as if your child is a good fit for our academy. We offer an interview with the student’s parents and our administration to talk about your child’s specific needs. We take under consideration your child’s artistic interests, previous education, and goals that the family has for their child’s education. We also offer a free trial day at our school so the child can get a feel of our environment. 
For more information on the admissions process please visit https://artsandscienceacademy.ca/admissions/admission-process/  
How does ASAC differ from other private schools in our community?
Arts and Science Academy of Canada is a unique educational institution. We believe in nurturing children’s creativity, education, personal and artistic development. We offer a low student to teacher ratio because we believe every child must get individual attention from their teachers. We value an inclusive and welcoming environment at our academy and will not tolerate bullying of any kind, our administration, teachers, and staff closely monitor students for any behavioural problems. We are confident in our academic program and work closely with our teachers to ensure every child can keep up and receives the attention they need. And finally, we take pride that our academy is one big family, we know our students, administration, teachers, and staff care for the children, and fight for their academic success. 

What are some COVID-19 health and safety protocols followed by ASAC? 

 Arts and Science Academy of Canada takes the health and wellbeing of our students, teachers, and staff very seriously. It is our main priority. This is why we have implemented a number of safety precautions since COVID has started. 
Some of our protocols include daily health and temperature checks for all students, teachers, and staff, enforcement of proper masking, regular disinfection of all classrooms, washrooms, and studios, social distancing is encouraged during physical activity, designated classroom area, washroom, changing room, and dance studio for every class, currently no visitors are allowed inside the school facilities without an appointment. In addition, our spacious facilities make it easy to maintain social distancing and are aired out regularly. We closely monitor the advice of our health department and the Ontario government. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions!
Email us at artsandsciencecanada@gmail.com 
Visual Art Division students
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