Vocal Division

In addition to their academic education, students may choose a focus on any of our arts departments such as dance, vocal, music, or visual arts.

Arts and Science Academy of Canada works in partnership with Vocal School of Vaughan to provide students with vocal lessons

Vocal School of Vaughan was founded by two professional vocalists: Larisa Dykhtan and PJ Bahramian in a collaborative effort to provide vocal training services within our community.

With over 20 years of experience within the music industry, the teachers at VSV provide the most modern and enhanced vocal training to help singers achieve their vocal aspirations and goals.

The training at VSV covers everything from vocal technique to image consulting so that one has full advantage when tackling the music industry as a singer and performer.

Learn from the pros what it takes to compete with the most powerful and desired singers often seen on shows such as American and Canadian Idol!

Understanding of the structure of the vocal cords and muscles and how to strengthen them;

* Proper use of diaphragm and air flow, utilizing musical scales and muscle building techniques;

* Restoration techniques for an overworked voice;

* Prevention of straining of the vocal cords and nodes;

* Techniques to prolong the duration of performance without pain;

* Coaching of studio recordings and more

See more at: https://www.vocalschool.ca