Opportunities for International Students

Arts and Science Academy of Canada proudly welcomes international admissions every year. Our well-rounded academic and arts program provides a learning experience that helps build critical skills and knowledge,  allows students to thrive in their post secondary learning and beyond, in addition supports students’ artistic passions. Our experienced teachers are dedicated to guiding students towards success and understanding.

Student Visa

The Canadian Government provides visas (Study Permits) to students who are accepted to Canadian educational institutions. Students who are  accepted to Arts and Science Academy of Canada will receive a Letter of Enrollment and all of the necessary documents in order to apply for the Study Permit. Once the Study Permit is received, students can then plan their trip.  The arrival airport is Toronto International Airport, where our representatives meet the arriving students and bring them to their homestay.

Homestay Program

Foreign and out of province students can take part in our homestay program with families of students of the academy. We provide transportation to and from the school. All academic and arts classes are conducted on the campus of the academy from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and from 12 to 3 pm on Sundays (dance and arts programs only). 

Students have a one-week break every two months, and a two-week Christmas break. Students in the Homestay Program are supervised at all times, except during their leisure time and school breaks.

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English Language for Foreign Students

Canada is home to tens of thousands of students from countries all around the world. Many of them come to Canada to learn English. Our educational system accommodates students who have limited command of the English Language. The educational program for foreign students whose first language is not English is designed to immerse students in a stress-free English environment. Arts and Science Academy of Canada offers an intensive English study course for those interested.

Work Opportunities

Graduates of Arts and Science Academy of Canada may continue their university or college studies in Canada or another country. Those who stay in Canada may obtain a permit to work on campus of their university or college, and later apply for permanent resident status in Canada. Graduates obtaining the Artist of Ballet Diploma have the opportunity to audition to Victoria Ballet Company  where they may work professionally as ballet dancers.