Starting their education at the right place will allow children to become successful lifelong learners.  At Rotman Arts and Science School, we have prepared an enhanced program which includes Math, English, Science, Visual Arts, Dance and French for our youngest students. Another important aspect of what children learn in Kindergarten is socializing.  We offer our students an exclusive environment where learning to communicate, play and become part of a group is of special importance.  

Artistic activities complement the education of the little ones, helping them communicate, through non-verbal means.

Give your children a leg-up in education and help them start their schooling years right with a solid foundation, curiosity, and a desire to learn more. Admissions to JK and SK are open for all children capable of engaging in active physical exercise. We believe in incorporating fun into academic classes for our young kids. This encourages them to love learning, and to become interested in different subjects from an early age. 

Our Kindergarten program begins at 8 a.m. and pick-up time is at 5 p.m., allowing parents to have scheduling flexibility and peace of mind knowing that their children are being educated and nurtured in a safe and caring environment.