Students of Rotman Arts and Science School graduate with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma which provides them with the opportunity to pursue higher learning at the university or college level. Academic subjects are taught concurrently with an artistic subject of their choice: ballet, music, or visual arts. A high level of mentorship and engagement in the learning and artistic training process provides students with the optimal environment to acquire important life skills.

High school is a time of change and exploration for young teens, with a large volume of new information, and expectations students are encouraged to reach new heights. By carefully guiding our students learning we make the transition from middle school to high school smoother and enjoyable for them. Our high school programs are fully compliant with the province of Ontario’s high school curriculum for all courses.

Our curriculum is designed to prepare students  for higher education at any institution in Canada, USA, Europe, or anywhere else in the world.

At RASS our students are fully engaged in the working process of education and the arts. One of our main values at RASS is a kind, accepting, and welcoming environment. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy against bullying, inappropriate behaviour, disrespect towards peers, teachers, and staff, and any other behaviours that do not align with our values.

Rotman Arts and Science School is registered with the Ministry of Education of Ontario under No. 667420.

  • The ability to have ballet, a powerful and creative sport in my life everyday is something that I am grateful for. It has allowed me to learn how to balance a healthy, active lifestyle with an academic schedule. Motivation as a result of ballet daily has allowed me to have a more positive outlook on life.


  • Discipline is a great skill to have throughout life because it is needed in all workplaces. Practicing a demanding art form such as dance has given me the opportunity to become a more disciplined person which benefits me in the studio, the academic classroom, and in life.


    International student, High-School
  • Having dance as part of my everyday education has helped me build confidence, cope with stress,  and has become an incredible form of daily self-care.