Elementary School

Arts and Science Academy of Canada’s academic curriculum includes, but is not limited to English, French, social studies, mathematics, science, visual arts, and dance, with optional vocal and music classes.¬†¬†

During their elementary education at Arts and Science Academy of Canada our students learn to think critically, to persist when challenges arise, and to develop the invaluable trait of resilience. Our comprehensive learning process includes not only academics at the highest level found in the current educational system, but also the potential to develop children physically and artistically¬† into healthy and strong individuals in mind and body. We provide a safe and inviting environment where students take part in an enriched educational program designed to help them reach their full potential. Our low student to teacher ratio allows our teachers to dedicate their time and attention to each child’s specific learning needs.

At Arts and Science Academy of Canada our students are fully engaged in the working process of education and the arts. One of our main values at Arts and Science Academy of Canada is a kind, accepting, and welcoming environment. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy against bullying, inappropriate behaviour, disrespect towards peers, teachers, and staff, and any other behaviours that do not align with our values.

  • Last week I took part in the Math Olympiad that was held in Oakville. I expected lots of challenging problems but the Olympiad questions were easy, and two of them were hard. I tried to use my logic and do all the questions. As well there was Sudoku. My number was 305. The Mathematical Olympiad was fun!


  • On May 21, there was a Math Olympiad in Oakville. To my surprise, the Olympiad questions were not that hard. Most questions were based on divisibility, number patterns and problem solving skills. The most interesting questions was a clock problem.