About us

The Academy

The inspiration for the Academy came from the creative mind of Ms. Victoria Mironova – the artistic director and founder of Victoria Ballet Company and Victoria International Ballet Academy. In her drive to support classical and traditional arts in the community, Ms. Mironova founded the company, and then the school, to raise new generations of local and international talent. Since then it has evolved into a full-fledged private school under the name Arts and Science Academy of Canada, with a dedicated academic program that goes hand in hand with a strong arts program for creative children. Each department of the Academy is led by talented educators who are also active professionals in their fields. The curriculum is carefully constructed to reflect the present and near-future trends in each area of focus.

Our Philosophy

The Academy was founded on the mandate of inspiring strength and resilience in all students. Our educational philosophy equally values students’ character, academic, and artistic development. Our nurturing environment helps students naturally develop discipline, self-management, and responsibility. Discipline and self-management are the foundations of confidence and success. Success is not achieved by chance; rather, it is built through dedication, determination, and hard work. Our system focuses on constructing long-term targets that involve multiple steps which teach the students how to overcome setbacks. We show them that success can be consistently achieved through effort, strategy, and perseverance. This constitutes the foundation of our academic and artistic programs and is the main reason why our students are successful and continue to be accomplished members of society once they graduate. 

VIBA 15 years certificate Vaughan


Victoria International Ballet Academy was founded by Ms. Victoria Mironova (Evdokimova), M. Ed. in 2003.

Ms. Victoria danced classical ballet for 21 years after graduating from the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (St. Petersburg, Russia). She worked for the Mikhailovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1995, after 5 years of studies, she graduated from the Teachers Department of the Vaganova Academy majoring in ballet pedagogy and choreography.

Victoria Mironova represents the second generation of Russian ballet professors who have mastered the knowledge contained in the world-renowned Vaganova syllabus. She was a student of Natalia Dudinskaya, who was in turn a student of Agrippina Vaganova.

In 2004, the ballet academy grew into a full-time day school which combines academic education with professional ballet training. Through the years VIBA has evolved to become one of the best ballet schools for professional dancers offering a comprehensive academic curriculum from kindergarten to Grade 12.  Experienced teachers help students develop responsibility, creativity, and resilience – the most important quality for life success.